About This Site

The actions of our elected officials are dictated by what they hear from their constituents. When there are issues that affect Muslims, we need to call them and let them know how we want them to vote. If we call in large enough numbers we can dictate the actions of our representatives. Conversely, if we don't call then our voices are not heard—our opinions aren't considered.

Sometimes it gets difficult to keep track of all the different issues that we need to call our representatives about. The first purpose of this website is to inform you about these issues and give you information that you can use to contact your representatives.

The second purpose of this website is to collect information on how many people called each Senator and Member of the House of Representatives. This way we can hold these public officials accountable—it's not possible to claim "Muslims don't call us so we don't take their opinions into consideration" when this website can show how many times Muslims contacted their representatives. We do not collect personally-identifying information (PII). We do not collect information about you. For more information, please read our privacy policy.

Finally, this website will also list resources available to individuals and organizations. Resources like Qur'an Recitation Signup sheets, Incident Forms, Mental Wellness Hubs, and much more, inshaAllah.