Thanksgiving Project

Like you, Muslims all over the country are horrified and hurt by the recent events in Palestine. We want to coordinate our efforts by appealing to Allah to alleviate the hardships our brothers and sisters in Palestine are facing. We also want to voice our dissatisfaction to our elected representatives from the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

Contact your representatives

Enter your zip code in the form below. We will query publicly-available information to determine the contact information for your state's Senators and your U.S. Representative. In some cases a zip code falls under more than one Congressional District. If that is the case, we'll prompt you to enter your full address so that we can narrow the choices down to the correct one. We do not store your address. We only use it to determine your representatives.

When you enter your zip code below and click on "Lookup" we will also show you sample scripts that you can use when you call them or leave a voice mail. We also ask you to let us know what happened when you called them—did you speak to them, or leave a voice mail, etc. This is the real information we need - we want to let the congresspeople know that they need to listen to the large number of people who collectively form the Muslim Voice.

Qur'an Recitation

The following organizations are asking volunteers to sign up to read at least one Juz of the Qur'an. When all 30 Juz are accounted for, one recitation is considered complete, and a new recitation starts. And then people are asked to volunteer again.

Every week, these organizations will meet, and the attendees will supplicate to Allah to alleviate the suffering of the people of Palestine. Smaller organizations are expected to have fewer completed recitations each week, while larger organizations are expected to have more.

If you would like to participate in this, please choose the organization you would like to help with your recitation. You do not need to be a member of, or in any way affiliated with the organization. Once you have selected an organization, you can sign up for one or more Juz. You do not need to follow up with us - no one will check up on you. Please complete the Juz at your convenience. InshaAllah your reward will be with Allah the Most High.

If you would like to add an organization to this list, please send an email to "help (@)"

Please select an organization below. (The numbers after the name indicate the number of Juz needed to be read to complete the current recitation).